Ballet and Singing classes in Dublin

Miss Eileene Ballet and Singing Classes

WHERE:  Ballet and Singing classes takes place at Phibsboro Gym, Dublin 7.

CONTACT Miss Eileene Ballet and Singing classes:

Email Miss Eileene –

Phone Phibsboro gym 087 9614933

 Miss Eileen Ballet ‘Drop In’ Class is 8 Euros, payable to The Gym Office before the class starts and it takes 45 minutes.

Inquiries; 0879614933

The Ballet Class styles: Ballet in the French, Italian & Russian Styles.
Technique, Coordination, Self-Confidence, as well as Self Expression are encouraged, whilst enjoying wonderful Music.

The Ballet Classes are age appropriate and delightful!

Why to enroll your child to Miss Eileene Ballet and Singing classes

However, dance exercises like ballet are just as useful in the lives of adults as in the lives of younger up-and-comings.

  • Ballet Dance classes are fun filled
  • boosts confidence
  • improved coordination and posture
  • a chance to make new friends and improve communication skills
  • improve team working
  •  positive mental, social, and physical factors
  •  develops creativity and an understanding of music and rhythm
  • helps express their inner thoughts and feelings that are normally pushed aside and ignored

Dance steps and exercises like ballet are just as useful in the lives both of adults and  kids and impacts every part of a person’s life. Like all dance forms, ballet is a very active class. Combinations of jumping and leaping increase heart rate, which improves endurance, stamina and overall cardiovascular health. Ballet,like any other dance styles and forms  improves body awareness and physical self-control.

Ballet classes develop and improve skills, that benefit kids in all areas of life. If your child  later on in life will decides to try other styles and forms  of dace like hip-hop, jazz, ballet will build a strong foundation.

So if your child has expressed an interest in dance and longs for her own ballet slippers , consider enrolling your child in a beginning ballet class.

Ballet and Singing with Miss Eileen is a perfect choice.

Ballet and singing with Miss Eileene Classes timetable

Saturday Drop In Classes

Ballet Classes 12 Noon (Ages 3-4)

Ballet Classes  1pm (Ages 5-6).

Ballet Classes 2pm (Ages 7 plus)

(Private Tuition Available)


Ballet for Young Ladies

Technique in Russian, French and Italian Ballet

Improve your Posture

Tone your Muscles and be Strong

Perform at Events

Ages 12 and upward

Private Tuition is also available


Opening Hours

  • Monday09:00 - 17:00
  • Tuesday09:00 - 17:00
  • Wednesday09:00 - 17:00
  • Thursday09:00 - 17:00
  • Friday09:00 - 17:00

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