101 Best Beach Activities for kids

101 Best beach activities for kids and all the family


Beach activities are fun. Thanks to beaches, that provide the biggest ever sand- box, so many beach activities for kids and all the family. When you hear the word “beach” straight away you are thinking about swimming or sunbathing, but  beach offers an ideal wide space for countless beach activities for kids that are family approved. No matter what’s your age, you are heading to the beach with your relatives, friends or family, you’ll find tons of beach activities and things to do on every beach.

Sand and water are a combination that invite free play and will trigger most kids’ creativity and imaginations to make unbeatable and fabulous games and activities.



Beach time is a time outside,

kids enjoy beach activities in dublin and play with water

kids enjoy beach activities

a perfect family day out, that strengthens family bond.

Your kids can enjoy endless beach activities.


What activities do you do at the beach?

If you are looking for an inspiration for things to do at the beach,

beach activity with stones

beach activity with stones

we have got you an amazing list of all the best family approved activities. They are so much fun and it will cost very little. All you need is just some basic supplies.


Now, with our top beach activities all you need is a good day.

There are so many fabulous beaches in Dublin! And they are so close to us and easily accessible.

Check out our list of things to do at the beach and pay a visit. Let your kid’s imagination and creativity shine. It’s fun time that brings everybody together!

Here is the list of


Here are 101 Best beach activities  for kids and all the family:

  1. The unbeatable digging in the sand
    one of the beach activities build sand castle

    one of the beach activities build sand castle

Let your child dig a hole and see how far they can go

  1. Build sand castles

Let your child experiment, create and use their imagination

  1. Mini golf

All you need is just a set of clubs and balls

  1. Fly a kite

You can purchase it in a store or do it yourself

  1. Bubble blowing

A beach provides us a wonderfully wide space to blow and chase big and small bubbles

  1. Tug of war

If you don’t have a skipping rope, tie a few towels together and make two teams

  1. Build an inukshuk

Use stones of different sizes and build your own landmark

  1. Become a sand mermaid

It’s a perfect place to do it; yes, you’ll get sandy, but that’s the part of the fun, plus you’re at the beach

  1. Picasso in the sand

use sticks, hands or rocks and draw a picture, a word, or just letters in the sand. You can also use treasures collected on the beach to make your stunning drawing.

  1. Beach bowling

If you have smaller kids, let them line up closer to the pins

  1. Beach volleyball

Some beaches have nets set up you can use a beach ball and a towel as substitutes

  1. Sand hopscotch

Use a stick or rock to draw a grid on the sand and let your kids play this popular game on the beach

  1. Jump rope 

your children will develop jumping skills

  1. Sand prints

Make a beach trip memorable by making some sand prints

  1. Bocce ball

target is thrown on the sand and players then throw their balls trying to get as close to the target as possible

  1. Sundial

Teach the kids how to tell time using DIY sundial. Use a stick and rocks to make your own

  1. Make a seashell fish

Collect some seashells and create some art

  1. Build a tent

Use towels and beach chars

  1. Make stack pebbles

Such a fun activity; who has got the highest

  1. Play beach tic-tac-toe

Use rocks, pebbles or seashells

  1. Sand volcano

Use sand and sea mouse

  1. Long jump

Who can jump the furthest

  1. Create photo illusions

get creative -you’ll have fun, plus you’ll make memories

  1. Watch the sunset
    sunset in dublin one of the best beach activities

    sunset in dublin

beach sunsets are unbeatable

  1. Play a treasure hunt

hide objects in the sand around you, leave hints on cards and make your kids/parents start looking

  1. Bring our board games

chess, backgammon, snakes etc

  1. Start water gun fights

what a fun game on a warm day

  1. Bring a mini inflatable pool

and enjoy it at the beach

  1. Kick, jump, stomp and splash in the water

Do it together for more fun

  1. Make a summer version of a snowman: a sandman

You’ll just need a bucket

  1. Go for a walk
    family enjoys beach activities

    family goes for a walk at the beach

And enjoy the stunning views

  1. Pass the water

fill the empty glass with the water for person behind you

  1. Bird watching

Look up, and see if you find any

  1. Find the shapes in the clouds

Lie back on your towel and look for shapes in the clouds

  1. Collect rocks for painting at home
  2. Bury your kids’ hands or feet

Or let your child bury yours

  1. Watch the stunning sunset/sunrise

The beach sunsets and sunrises are unbeatable

  1. Make “beach in the jar”

Use all the beach treasure: sand, rocks, glass, pebbles and seashells

  1. Go for a swim

Keep an eye on your kids

  1. Imaginative play

Make up your own game and rules

  1. Count the planes, birds, ships
  2. Shapes in the sand

Use cookie cutters or stampers

  1. Run from the waves
    seashells provide lots of beach activities

    seashells provide lots of beach activities

get to the waves and run back and try not to get wet

  1. Go on an active adventure

climb on rocks, jump off sand dunes

  1. Go boating

sail boat, kayak etc

  1. Take a nap

Or just close your eyes and rest

  1. Demonstrate buoyancy

suits If the water is smooth

  1. Stamp the sand

Use shells, buckets, hands, sticks or feet

  1. Engage in child-led play

Make them feel special

  1. Demonstrate how suction works

turn a cup filled with water and sand upside down

  1. Build your toddlers vocabulary

Identify the objects around you: ships, sea, toys, birds



That’s not all. We are only half way.

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More beach activities for kids

Keep reading on for more ideas and tips.


  1. Play frisbee
    sunset at one of the beaches in dublin

    sunset at beach in Dublin

  2. Throw the ball in to the bucket
  3. Make seashell crafts
  4. Identify sea creatures at the beach
  5. Make a drizzle castle
  6. Pick up trash
  7. Go skim boarding
  8. Read a book
  9. Exercise
  10. Play a badminton
  11. Run along the beach
  12. Have a picnic
  13. Go surfing


and .. more fun things to do with kids at the beach


  1. Build a moat
  2. Make a seaweed art
  3. Jump over waves
  4. Go sailing
  5. Play a blanket bounce
  6. Make sand angels
  7. Play beached-themed charades
  8. Make seashell necklaces
  9. Reward the best “find”
  10. Jump over towels
  11. Soccer with a beach ball
  12. Make a pond
  13. Use a frame and create an artistic photo
  14. Design a sand labyrinth
  15. Explore rock pools
  16. Practice drawing skills
  17. Sing a song
  18. Collect items & have your child count them
  19. Enjoy the view and Relax
  20. jump over buckets
  21. play a kickball
  22. Color a picture
  23. learn your kids to swim
  24. Play tag or chase
  25. make a friend
  26. Play Rounders
  27. Learn to skim stones
  28. Toss a beach ball around
  29. Do cartwheels in the sand
  30. Seashell decorations
  31. Make a sailing boat
  32. Sort shell
  33. Pebble rainbow
  34. Create collage art
  35. Make seashell photo frames
  36. Play Seashell matching
  37. Make a pool noddle boat
101 beach activities for kids

101 beach activities for kids

Those are the most popular and best beach activities

What do I need to take to the beach?

What to bring to the beach it depends on what are you going to do at the beach. Are you are going to have fun, get tanned, if you’ re taking kids, the age of the kids and so on.


But here is a list of the main beach essentials:

  • Sunglasses
  • blanket
  • towels
  • hats
  • sun shelters
  • sunscreen
  • some food
  • water
  • beach toys
  • extra set of clothes for the little ones


Thrilling and endless activities for all the family, historical ruins, the sun, the views, and the crystal blue water await…

Now, that you have read a list of the top activities at the beach, pick the best beach and pack your bags. Make a brilliant day of it and have fun!


The beach is the biggest sand box on the planet. It provides us with so many awesome kids and all the family activities.

Click here to see the list of all beaches in Ireland

enjoy beach time and beach activities

have fun