Casino Marino: 5 Things To Know about

5 Things to Know About Casino Marino


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The Casino Marino is a must-see destination that should be on your itinerary of things to do in Dublin. Among the

historical attractions in Ireland, your attention will be quickly drawn to this magnificent building. And that affinity will be propelled by the neo-classical nature of the structure. Old buildings designed with the architecture of the ancient Greece and Roman Empires are always adorable. And the Casino Marino is the best of such in the whole of Ireland. You need to add this venue to your what to do in Dublin list.

Due to some maintenance work Casino Marino is closed to the public. We’ll updated you once it

Here are the 5 vital things to know about Casino Marino

1. The History of Casino Marino

The origin of this wonderful neo-classical building that we all love to visit dated as far back as the 18th century. The first Earl of Charlemont, known as James Caulfield needed to build a pavilion in his garden just like the ones seen on his recently concluded tours in those times. He contracted Sir William Chambers an efficient architect working with an architectural firm in London, to design the building. Their paths crossed while on his world tour and the friendship that soon existed between them blossomed into the creation of the perfect design for the magnificent neo-classic building that we all visit and appreciate today.

2. The Name and Its Meaning

Do you know most people think of this site as a gambling zone, the first time they get to learn about it? That would not be surprising to you at all, especially if you were once a stranger in town too. What is very surprising is the fact that some still have that believe, without finding out the truth about the origin of the name. To clear the confusion, the names are of Italian origin, being that the original owner just returned from his trip to Italy before starting the project.
The name ‘Casino’ means a small house while ‘Marino’ means a small sea. Joining these two phrases together will make a statement that says – Small House by Small Sea, which perfectly describes the Casino Marino building, a perfect tourist attraction to see. So, let it be very clear that Casino Marino has nothing whatsoever to do with gambling nor is it a gaming casino as the name might deceive you to believe.


3. The Design of Casino Marino

This building is designed to look very small, occupying a small region of 50feet square, while it is very gigantic within. It possesses broad doors and with broad window that makes it appear as though the building is only a large room sitting on the large premises.
The outer part is vastly ornamented, with pillars, carvings, statues and urns. The interior is also extravagant decorated, with great Georgian details and plaster-work, tiled floors and sophisticated ledges and doors.
Concealed details are mostly part of it, aimed to reserve the attractive look of the building while safeguarding its utilities.
For instance the pitchers on the top are really smokestacks and certain posts are echoing and works as down pipes, exhausting water after the crown. An underground channel once created an entrance to the entire building from the major part of the house; however it is no longer accessible.

The whole property that belonged to Charlemont, with all the original constituents of Casino Marino, was traded in 1881. Then it new buyers started to construct building on the property, when Casino Marino was abandoned. The building was in a state of neglect when the government took it over in 1930 promoting its fast recuperation to its original glamorous state.

David Linley, the well-known British fabricator, carved the stunningly sophisticated Jewelry box found in Casino Marino. Plan to visit this place as one of the best items on your what to do in Dublin list.

4. Current Dispute about Planning

Casino Marino a major attraction is presently entangled in a rather unclear dispute. Dublin County Council has submitted a planning presentation at the beginning of 2007, offering to erect a legal center for medico on top of this property, a structure that will consist of the workplaces of the State Pathologist.
This application is vigorously turned down by the Irish Georgian Society. The nation’s Environment department, they are the ones in charge of the house now, they too do are somehow against the plan to build more structures.

5. Visiting Casino Marino

It will take you about 5km to navigate from the center of the city through several routes as lead by the public bus until you get to Clontarf Road. From this point it will take some minutes to walk down to where the Casino Marino building is located.

This fantastic national attraction is very captivating from the outside to the interior. A physical tour around the Casino is exactly what one needs for relaxation and as a remedy to ease tension and stress. The exterior is exquisitely designed with a flush garden that is so intriguing to all visitors. Adjust your schedule of things to do in Dublin, to reflect a new plan to visit Casino Marino, any time soon. It is free to enter into this wonderful Dublin attraction building if you have a Heritage Card or if you have a Dublin pass.

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