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Chester Beatty library

Chester Beatty Library is one of the TOP museums in Dublin and all Europe. It’s the only Irish museum, that has won “European Museum of the Year”  title in 2002. The Chester Beatty library is a library but not just your typical library full of books. Therefore make sure you include this Dublin attractions on you things to do in Dublin list.Continue to read on and  you’ll  learn all the important things.

Anything could take you to Dublin on a visit but what do you do in Dublin? Conduct your business and leave?  No,

chester beatty library building

try your best to explore the city. Trying to figure out where to start from can be a very tough decision for you to make. You don’t have to worry so much about that when you might not have paid a visit to the Chester Beatty Library.  If you enjoyed visiting the Old Library located at the Trinity College and had fun seeing all the beautiful illustrations on the Book of Kells, then you would most definitely enjoy visiting the Chester Beatty library.

The library is a place that would dazzle you with its beautiful art and wonderful collections. Before you make a reservation to go anywhere, you should probably know a bit about the Chester Beatty library. It would be a lot more fun browsing through the gallery if have your facts about the library. You can make it a game to recognize the places you have read about.

Chester Beatty Library is on of the Top 10 Venues in Dublin for free events.


What is the Chester Beatty library all about?

The Chester Beatty library is a library but not just your typical library full of books. The library is rather full of more artistic objects and displays than books. You can find anything from paintings to decorative art to oriental art. There is no limit to the array of art that can be found in the library and it occasionally contains some books that are art in of themselves. The library today is located on the same premises as the Dublin Castle and it was officially opened on  Sir Alfred Chester Beatty’s birth anniversary, February 7, 2000 and in 2002, it was accorded the award of the European Museum of the year.


Brief History of the Chester Beatty library

The Chester Beatty library was built in 1950 in the city of Dublin, Ireland and it was built solely for the purpose of collecting and storing all the art collections of Sir Alfred Chester Beatty,  one of the richest oil magnates of his time. The museum today holds a lot of art and usually conducts a lot of art exhibitions. The sheer versatility of the art found in the museum is amazing. There is art from practically Everywhere in the world. Art from Islamic nations, paintings, drawings, Asian art, you name it. You’ll find it in the Chester Beatty library.


Here are some of the interesting things about the Chester Beatty library that you might want to know before paying it a visit. Fair warning though, you would be extremely overwhelmed by the sheer amount of art contained within the walls of the Chester Beatty library. There is a lot of art coming in different styles and forms while still being complementary to each other.


 The Chester Beatty library holds collections of art from three major places.

The Chester Beatty library has a whole lot of art collections on display and all of them are broadly categorized under 3 major collections.


The western collection

The western collection is mostly made up of works of art such as manuscripts and lots papyrus manuscripts. The Chester Beatty library is even rumored to have the most vast collection of papyrus manuscripts in the world.


The Asian collections

The Asian collection consists of art gotten from east Asia particularly in China and Japan. The Chester Beatty library has the most extensive art collection of snuff boxes from China and they are so extensive that even a book has been made on them, “The Chester Beatty library, Dublin: Chinese snuff bottles. Other arts gotten from other east Asian countries include picture scrolls from 17th century Japan.


The Islamic collections

Everyone knows that the Islamic nations are very good at beautiful, mesmerizing art. They are well versed in creating beauty and comfort. Coming so quickly to mind are the plush persian rugs and pillows. The extensive reach of the Islamic collection of art at the Chester Beatty library is far more than that of the Western and Asian collection. Amassing art from Islamic nations such as Arabia, Turkey, Persia and even from a few Indian nations has given the Islamic collection a truly beautiful display. The collections are more or less write ups in the old and beautiful calligraphy.


 The displays of art are done under two major headings

The art exhibited at the Chester Beatty library is displayed under two broad headings. The sacred traditions and the artistic traditions. Both of them display pretty much the same things. Prints, painting, decorations and even some hard to find books.



The Chester Beatty library is one of the most interesting places you would have the pleasure to visit in Dublin, Ireland. You would enjoy your visit to that place more after reading this article. The art is simply breathtaking and beautiful. Art from everywhere and with different styles and yet so connected in some way. It would  be an unforgettable experience if you could go see the Chester Beatty library with your family and friends. It promises that you’ll enjoy it more especially if you give your kids the challenge of pointing out and classifying the art they see under the 3 major places they are gotten from.



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