Clara Lara:The biggest Water Slide in Ireland & other fun

 Clara Lara

Clara Lara is situated in the Wicklow county, near beautiful Glendalough and only 30 kilometers away from world famous Powerscourt Gardens and Powerscourt Waterfall. The Clara Lara is a one-stop destination for your family vacation. We know that it can get a bit tardy to have little kids on board, but since you are a parent now, you must agree that the real fun is actually in taking your kids for a day out.

Talking about the natural exuberance of the place, the Clara Lara is indeed a jewel in the crown of Wicklow. The woods surrounding this place add not only a visual but also an intriguing appeal to the place, making it all too very attractive. Who knows what lie beyond? Maybe fairies, dragons, or mermaids? Ask your child about it and see what he or she says.

In the meanwhile, read the following article to know things to do in Clara Lara beforehand.

10 Things to do in Clara Lara


1. Jump into the lake

The water of the lake is calling your kid to jump right into it. Don’t worry, the water is shallow. Let your son or daughter play with his or her imaginations by telling him or her, “You might find some mermaids there wanting to hang out with you. If not real, of course, you can always have an imaginary one swimming right beside you. Won’t that be fun?”

2. Cross the rope bridge

There are many tree houses in the park. Let your child be the Tarzan that he always wanted to be. But this is not all. There are also rope bridges spread from one tree house to the other to let children crossover. It is said that if you cross that bridge, you earn health. That is very true, actually.

3. Swing like Mowgli

After staying in a tree-house like Tarzan, you can let your child swing like Mowgli across the water by grabbing one of the ropes. Instruct him not to fall into the shallow water. If he does fall, however, encourage him to grab that rope again. After all, those who get up after falling are called heroes. So, encourage him to be a hero!

4. Be a pirate!

Sail on the water with your child where the imaginary mermaid resides. The best thing about the pirate ship in the Clara Lara is that it does not have any plank. You can use the rope bridge to cross over, though. While you are on the ship enjoying your pirate day, you would see your child’s friends cross by in smaller ships. You’d always have the larger one, though.

5. Row a boat with your child

Why wave at friends from your ship when you can join them in the lake in your small, but moving ship? Buy your tickets and row a boat with your child. Try harder to reach the other end faster. However, be sure to wear your life jackets.

6. Or, go kayaking

Rowing might get a little boring, but kayaking would be fun throughout for both you and your child. You can get a little wet and this is the fun part. As compared to the boat, the kayak is very speedy and you can get ahead of your son’s friends and their moms in no time. Don’t you think it’s time to show them your moves? If it is, hop on a kayak when you go to Clara Lara.

7. Descend the water slide

Clara Lara has a water slide and it is very friendly. You’ve seen your child slide on normal slides, but descending a water slide could be a whole new experience for him. All you’d have to do is capture your son’s pictures as he splashes his way down.

8. Have a BBQ party

After you’re done entertaining your children and hopping on different rides with them, nothing can be better than savoring the BBQ prepared by your spouse. It will relax you and your family, and also give you guys more energy to continue reaping the fruits of joy.

9. Whizz in your go-kart

The go-karts in Clara Lara are not that viciously speedy. So, you can let your children experience them the way they want. In fact, encourage them to start a healthy competition with the other kids and try to win. Tell them not to worry about winning or losing. Just have the best time possible.

10. Make plenty of friends

There would be a lot of kids like you in the park. Don’t be strict enough to hold your child from being friends them. Who knows they could tell your child stories that you don’t know?

Let your child do these things in Clara Lara and it will ease your kids mind. However, there’s more to this place then stated above. Of course, the best way to let your child explore them is to visit this place today.

Doing these things in Clara Lara can be a hell of a fun. Besides these, you can always meet new kids like you and befriend them. Don’t forget to ask your mom to prepare a nice picnic basket and fill it with everything good to eat.

There is something for everyone. Those, who aren’t into activities, can use riverside picnic areas and barbecues, play mini golf or enjoy hill walking through the breath-taking countryside.

Clara Lara Fun park is a perfect escape for all the family to have a great day out, filled with unbeatable activities and fun. The day that the whole family will remember. Don’t forget to bring proper shoes, towels and come prepared to get wet.


Clara Lara Opening Times

JUNE – AUGUST – 10.30am – 6pm. Daily

MAY – Weekends Only

Clara Lara Fun Park Admission Prices

Cash or credit card payments accepted upon entry. Pre-booking is essential for groups only.

Clara Lara price guide

€12€12€19 per person    €90 per season€10 per day
all day Park access  all day Park accessIncludes gold bandcovers admission for 2 adults and 2 kidsall gold band activities
Senior Citizens go free       kids aged 4 and under go freeschools,groups,summer camps        all season all day
group 10 and more

Senior citizens and kids aged 4 and under go free to Clara Lara


A gold bracelet is ‘pay once’ system which covers all the optional extra activities to the wearer. So if you thinking to try all activities that are available at Clara Lara Fun park, then this option could be a perfect choice for you. Be aware, that the gold bracelet is non-transferable, and you can only use it on the day of purchase.  No refunds are given on the gold bracelets. Some height restrictions apply.


Here are the activities covered by the gold bracelet:

  • Aqua Shuttle
  • Amphicats
  • Junior Go-Karts
  • Mini Golf
  • Rowing Boats



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