Dublin from the DART: 10 Top Stops You Can’t Miss

Dublin from the DART: 10 top stops  you can’t miss

Discover Dublin from dart. Find out Top Dublin Dart stops, that you can miss and explore the surrounding areas.

A day ticket provides the opportunity to hop on and off at some of the Ireland’s most beautiful coastal villages, visiting cultural attractions like Malahide Castle and the James Joyce Museum. Here’s how to spend a day making the most of the DART.

Officially known as the DART, the Dublin Area Rapid Transit system is an electrified railway network serving the spectacular coastline and city center of the capital of the Republic of Ireland, Dublin. DART is actually a rapid transit system. The DART forms the main or core suburban railways network of the city. The train system runs from Greystones to Howth and Malahide covering almost 53 kilometers long track and serving 31 stations. The DART carries around 16 million passengers annually in the area.


Here are TOP 10 stops for a train you can’t miss when traveling Dublin from Dart

1. Howth Cliff Walks

From the car park at Balascadden Bay, a few meters east of Howth, starts the Howth Cliff walks. From there, the path leads up around the Nose of Howth and further to the cliff tops. There are beautiful views uphill of Lambay Island and Ireland’s Eye where you need to be a bit careful at the edge. A slight byway also leads you to Baily Lighthouse. Ben of Howth is at the highest point of the walk which is almost 171 m which are marked by an ancient burial cairn.

DART Station: Howth

2. Killiney Bay

After a two-minute walk from the Dart station of Killiney, lies the Killiney strand. It is long stony beach providing the visitors a great view of the Dalkey and Bray head islands. Go for a walk or swim or enjoy a picnic, Killiney bay is the perfect destination. You might be lucky to spot bottlenose dolphins known to gambol offshores occasionally.

Since the Killiney beach abstains Wi-fi spots, you have the time to look up from your phone at the marvelous natural beauty around.

The sandy fjord of White Rock is known to appear as a little adjunct to the bigger beach.

DART Station: Killiney


3. Dun Laoghaire Pier

You can view the Dublin bay all through your journey from Dart but the best view and that of Dun Laoghaire Pier is at the Killiney. Dun Laoghaire Pieris a famous harbor came into existence around 1817

DART Station: Dun Laoghaire


4. Bray

If you have ever traveled by DART, then you know that DART line is blessed with endless foodie stops. The entire Dalkey village is the foodie abode. This place does not lie in Dublin but is worth a mention. Bray serves crisp pizza bases, finger-licking chicken wings, and amazing cocktails. Platform Pizza bar is the name. you need to get a booking because the place is much crowded.

DART Station: Bray


5. Malahide

Ireland has Castles all around. Malahide has one of the oldest castle of Ireland which is owned by the Talbot family for over 800 years is the Malahide Castle. This place allows visitors to explore the rich heritage. Tour guides and scripts are also available. The castle has been refurbished recently. You can also make a visit to the famous Talbot Botanic Walled Garde. Where you can witness some exciting plant species. Avoca store and café are also worth a visit. The Castle was also once regarded as Haunted.

DART Station: Malahide



6. Grand Canal Dock

The Grand canal dock station is the center of the booming empire of the Google. Not just this the Dock has much more to see like the IT hubs and glass towers. You can also engage yourself in Wakeboarding with a qualified instructor. Other activities like kayaking, cable wakeboarding, stand up paddle boarding, etc can also be enjoyed under able guidance and tuition.

DART Station: Grand Canal Dock


7. The Famine Memorial

The famine memorial is a work of the Dublin sculptor, Rowan Gillespie. The sculptors are a tribute to the great famine of the 19th century. It depicts the emigrants who would have passed this way to board the ship

DART Station: Pearse, Tara Street or Connolly


8. Blackrock

Blackrock is famous for its “Buy anything” market. The market is mostly indoor. You will find many independent merchants selling everything from fashion to flowers. The market is open on Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays.

DART Station: Blackrock


9. Clontarf

The hometown of the author of Dracula, Abraham Stoker is CLontraf. And for the haunted novel, the place is also known as Dracula’s CLontraf.

You can enjoy a sumptuous steak at the Bram Stoker Hotel. There is Castle Dracula where there are a tour and theatre. More like a haunted house wherein the character of the book come alive. Then you will be lead to the spookiest “Graveyard Theatre”. Kids below 14 and people with the medical condition are advised not to visit Castle Dracula.

DART Station: Clontarf


10. Velvet Strand, Portmarnock

The velvety sand of Portmarnock is popular with the walkers, swimmers, and surfers. Malahide is at the end of the alongside the path of the beach. There are beautiful views of the Dublin Mountains and Howth harbor.

DART Station: Portmarnock

Now you know why to come to Dublin and use DART. Isn’t it time for you to pack your bags, book your tickets and fly to Dublin?