10 Top Free Things to do in Dublin with kids

10 Top Free Things to do in Dublin with kids

There are plenty of free things to do in Dublin with kids. Winter or spring, autumn or summer. From lovely walks, amazing beaches, to kids activities, workshops and free museums. They say the early years in a person’s life greatly dictates his success in later years.  The formative and adolescent years of a child is critical to his emotional, spiritual, physical and cognitive development.  That is why it is never too early to teach children a thing or two about culture and history.

family enjoys free things to do in dublin with kids

family enjoys free things to do in Dublin with kids

Dublin’s rich heritage caters to young and old alike.  The bustling city is an avenue for cultural and historical knowledge that you can partake with your kids.  Here is a set of options about the things you can do and see in Dublin that could awaken the curiosity, creativity and critical thinking of the young ones.  



Here is a list of top 10 free things to do in Dublin with kids

Visit a library

Libraries are treasure troves of knowledge.  Books as early as the 1500s can be found in the Old Library in Dublin.  This activity will enhance a child’s love for reading, and consequently, of learning.  A great bonding experience between you and your child, visiting a library is a productive way to while away your time.  Go through the many volumes of book and choose ones of you and your child’s interest.  This way, you may be able to guide your child with pronunciation (of course, do this as quietly as possible), vocabulary and comprehension. Did you know, that Marsh’s Library in Dublin, is the oldest public library in Ireland. Located just a minute away from St.Patrick’s Cathedral, it’s a must to visit. The price of Marsh’s Library admission  is €3 for adults and €2 for concessions. Children (under 16) and job-seekers are admitted free. It is a little charge, but it worth it! Click here for a list of Dublin city libraries. Libraries are one of the top Free things to do in Dublin with kids.


Explore a museum

There is something about museums that rekindles whatever love you have for exploration.  Museums are for a more visual, and spatial kind of learning.  Since museums are not only for written facts and trivia, but also about displays of fossils, artifacts, findings, paintings, among others, children will be treated to visual learning experience.  Some even allow for interaction with items on display. We highly recommend the National history Museum,that holds a fine collection, that will make your jaw drop. Just a few minutes walk away, there is the National Archaeology Museum, that holds an amazing exhibits and is a perfect fun spot to have fun and learn. And don’t forget Collins Barracks Museum: Decorative Arts & History. All these museums offer free events in Dublin all year round and interesting and interactive kids activities. Museums are always one of the top free things to do in Dublin. Lucky us, Dublin offers Museums with exciting exhibits and fine collections. Kids and families can dive in to adventure, have fun and learn.All free!    

Visit a Park in Dublin

Dublin has a lot of parks.  Take advantage of its countless rose gardens, arboretum, sunken lawns and grotto, as well as the many species of flora and fauna in each of the parks.  Use the experience to teach your child the importance of maintaining the equilibrium of the ecosystem and ways of taking care of the environment. St. Stephen’s Green is a good option since it is located in the heart of the city. And you will also love he Pheonix Park, where you can meed deer. Parks are one of the Top Free things to do in Dublin with kids. It offers plenty of outdoor activities for kids, and is an opportunity to spend time in a fresh air.


Go to Dublin Playgrounds

Playgrounds are designed with a child’s enjoyment in mind.  They have equipment geared at developing a child’s motor skills, balance and physical endurance.  Common attractions like slides, see-saws, monkey bars and many others act as fun learning tools.  In playgrounds, children develop confidence and decision making and an understanding of what they can and can not do.  Even the colors used a chosen to provide a more sensory experience.  You may want to visit the playground in the Ardgillan Castle.  With the view of the Irish Sea and over 30 pieces of carefully selected play equipment to enjoy. If you have toddlers and smaller kids, playgrounds is one of the top options for free things to do in Dublin with kids. A space, where your kids get lost in to the activities and real adventure.  

Enjoy one of the top Dublin walks

Walking has a lot of benefits.  It increases your physical strength and stamina.  It is a great exercise.  Walking also gives you the opportunity to talk to your child.  While doing so, take in the beauty of Dublin’s landscape and architecture.  You have the option to go to the city center, with its shopping district and restaurants, or trek to the hills and obelisks scattered around the city.  

Have a picnic in Dublin

Bring your picnic baskets and choose among the many expansive lawns in different areas in Dublin.  Lie on the grass and just enjoy the moment in the company of your child.  Relish the scenery.  Also, taking in a breath of fresh air improves your respiratory functions. Do you agree, that this is one the best free thing to do in Dublin? With all the picnic spots Dublin has to offer. Nothing beats eating outside. And the food tastes ten times better.  

Check out the beaches in Dublin

Dublin offers a bit of everything.   Children who are fond of going to the beach will not be disappointed with the options that can be found in Dublin.  A day at the beach is as beneficial as it is leisurely.  Just being out in the sun brings a renewed sense of energy to the body. A list of 101 Best Beach activities for kids will guarantee you never run our of cool ideas what to do with kids at the beach.  

Enjoy Dublins Street performances

For one, watching a street performance is free.  It is also highly accessible as there are available performances in almost every corner.  Your child will be enthralled with the street magicians, pantomime and other street performers.  The performances usually involve multiple senses and are often interactive.  Your child will definitely remember the experience for years to come. This is definitely one of the top free things to do in Dublin with kids. Most of the street performances take place on Henry and Grafton Streets.    

Free kids activities, events and workshops

The city of Dublin hosts many activities and most of them are free of charge.  There are exhibits in museums and art installations in its squares.  There are also free tours, food tasting activities, soccer matches, talks, demonstrations, and more.  

Annual Dublin Events and Festivals

Every year Dublin hosts lots of annual events. Different types for different tastes. For adults and all the family.You may participate in cycling and hiking events.  There are also concert events that are available especially during the summer time.   So now, that you know the top ideas for Free things to do in Dublin, go and explore. Have fun!   Recommended reading: 10 Best Free Things to do in Dublin Top 10 Venues for Free events in Dublin for kids Free events in Dublin