TOP 10 kids games.Kids party ideas

Kids party ideas

Top 10 Kid’s Games that will keep the party going

If you are looking for kids party ideas for your kids birthday party or any other occasion, keep reading on to find out how to fill your kids party with mountains of fun.

A birthday party calls for loads of fun games that can bring the party to life. There are many kids party ideas and games that you can play in your birthday party. We have selected and listed some of those games for you below. Check them out and try all of them for your next birthday party. We’re sure you and your friends would have a blast.

Let’s start the list of kids party ideas! Here are top 10 Games

1. Treasure hunt

Find that treasure your mom has hidden somewhere by following all the clues that she has given. Imagine yourself as a pirate who is out to look for a valuable treasure chest. However, remember to hunt in groups or teams. That way, you can have some help from your friends also.

2. Musical Statues

Everyone can play this wonderful game. All you’d have to do is gather your friends, paint some stickers, and play some music. At the end of the track, the winner of most of the stickers wins a prize. Be sure to only give badges to your friend who freezes the best. If you want to be in the game, then, let your mom pick the winner.

3. Egg and Spoon Race

You might have played this before. If yes, then this time make it a little harder by holding two spoons, each with an egg. Or, you can add some obstacles. Just think your way through and see what you come up. We’re sure it will be as engaging as you think.

4. Pin the Nose on Shrek

Another great game to play is Pin the Nose on Shrek. As the name suggests, you’d have to pin a nose on your favorite character Olaf. However, doing that would be easy with bare eye, no? This is why you’d have to use a blindfold. If you can’t find one around your home, use your dad’s tie.

5. Pass the Parcel

Ask your mommy to prepare some parcels full of beautiful gifts. Then, when it is your birthday, play Pass the Parcel. Arrange for some music, sit in a circle, and start away! The person that has the parcel once the music stops wins. He or she gets to have the gift in the parcel. The rest of the kids have to clap and the winner has to skip his turn in the next run of the game.

6. In and Out the Dusty Blue Bells

You might already know this game. In this, one of your friends would have to stay in the circle made by the rest of you by joining hands. Afterward, play the song In and Out the Dusty Blue Bells and raise your hands to form arches. Now, let the player in the center of the circle go in and out of the arches you’ve made. When the chorus “Tippy tippy tappy on your shoulder” is heard, the player taps the shoulder of the kid in from of him or her. When this happens, the one whose shoulder is tapped joins the other player and forms a chain. They, then, move in and out of the arches together. Do this until the chain gets longer and chaotic.

7. Escape the Monster

For this game, you’d need a larger space. If that is available, one of your friends or you should pretend to be a monster. The monster is supposed to catch the running children. The children have to escape the monster. Any kid that is caught becomes a monster also. The child that stands last is the winner.

8. Eat the Food on the String

Thread food items like donuts on long threads. Ask your mom and her friends to hold the food at a height. Divide your friends into two teams and tie their hands behind their backs. The two teams have to eat the hanging food without touching it with their hands. The team who eats the food more quickly wins.

9. Guess the Items

Place at least 20 items in a box and give each of your friends a pencil. Now, let them see the items for 1 minute and then cover them with a towel. Your friends have to write the names of what they saw. The person that writes most of the names win the game.

10. Musical Chairs

Our all-time favorite is this game. Arrange a few chairs and gather your friends. Count your friends and keep the number of chairs lesser than the number of your friends by one. To the beat of the music, ask your friends to circle around the chairs. Stop the music after a while. Anyone who has no vacant chair to sit on is to be left out. Do this every time, but with leaving out the person, remove one chair also.


So, these were some of kids party ideas and games that you can try for your kid’s birthday party.

We hope you’d have a blast!

Happy birthday in advance!



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