Leeson Park School of Music

Leeson Park School of Music  promotes excellence in music education according to the principles of the great Hungarian composer and educator Zoltán Kodály (1882-1967).

Central to his philosophy and principles of music education is the belief that “music is for everyone.” Kodály believed that all children, given the right opportunities and training, can learn to sing well, have their inner ear trained, become musically literate (learn to read and write music notation), and if they wish, learn to play a musical instrument.

Leeson Park School of Music  was established in 1989 with 50 students and the two founding Directors, pianist Tom Toher and singer Margaret Collins, as teachers.

The school has grown steadily over the years and has developed into a reputation as a centre of excellence in music education. The school currently has over 1000 students enrolled and has a teaching staff of 25.

What makes Leeson Park School of Music unique?

  • LPSM provides high quality Kodaly based Colourstrings training programmes from toddlers to 18 years of age.
  • Child-centred teaching by highly qualified, professional, enthusiastic, specialist teachers.
  • Special introductory classes for babies.
  • LPSM uses the Colourstrings approach which provides a fully integrated seamless programme of Pre-instrumental, Instrumental and Musicianship training.
  • Nurtures the innate musicality of each child.
  • Develops music literacy from the music kindergarten onwards.
  • Provides regular performance opportunities, from the very earliest stages of instrumental training, at our informal Saturday concerts.


Colourstrings Music Classes for Young Children

Colourstrings training starts in the Music Kindergarten taking  the young child on a wonderful adventure through “Musicland” where their sense of pitch and rhythm is developed alongside the training of the inner ear. Basic music concepts such as high/low, loud/soft, fast/slow are introduced but always within the framework of developmentally appropriate games and activities.

We provide a fully integrated music education programme, taught by qualified specialists, which can take children from their first steps in music making to advanced levels of instrumental training.

Let your child experience the joy and wonder of music making by enrolling in one of our courses.

Classes Available

Baby groups for babies 3-11months -accompanied by a parent/carer.

Children from 1 to 3 years of age, in age specific groupings, accompanied by a parent/carer.

Older children, from 4 – 8 years, in age specific groupings, attend classes on their own.

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 Classes for Babies and 1 – 3 year olds also take place in St Paul’s Parish Centre, Glenageary on Tuesday mornings only.

Please contact Teresa on 085 8164002 for further information

Leeson Park School of Music Timetables 2018-2019

Colourstrings Music Kindergarten
Class Schedule, September 2018 – June 2019

New Enrolments Only

MUSIC KINDERGARTEN STAGE 1 – Class Duration 30 Minutes
Stage 1 is suitable for children aged 3 months old up to 4 years of age. Each child must be accompanied by a parent or
minder in each class. Please select your class based on your child’s age as of September 1
st, 2018.

Child’s Age                  Course No.            Day &Time                        Fee

3-11 months                            1                           Friday @10.15                    € 495

1 year                                        1                           Saturday@9.30                  € 495

18-23 months                         1                            Friday@11.00                     € 495


2 years                                     2                            Friday@11.45                      € 495

2 years                                     2                            Saturday@10.10                 € 495


3 years                                     3                            Wednesday@14.15             € 495

3 years                                     3                            Saturday@12.25                 €  495


MUSIC KINDERGARTEN STAGE 2 – Class Duration 40 Minutes
Stage 2 is suitable for children aged 4 to 8 years old. Please select your class based on your child’s age as of
September 1
st, 2018.


Child’s Age                  Course No.            Day &Time                           Fee

4 years                                     4                          Tuesday @15.00                    € 560

4 year                                       4                           Thursday@15.00                  € 560

4 years                                     4                           Saturday@9.30                      € 560


5 years                                     5                           Wednesday@15.00                € 560

5 years                                     5                            Friday@15.00                         € 560

5 years                                     5                            Saturday@12.00                    € 560


6 years                                    6                           Wednesday@15.50                 €  560

6 years                                    6                            Friday@15.50                          €  560

7-8 years                                7                             Friday@16.40                          € 560

Course Materials: Singing Rascals Songbooks (Pentatonic, La, Do) and Singing Rascals CDs. Approximate cost: € 70.
Books and CDs can be purchased in the LPSM office from September 201





Opening Hours

  • Monday09:00 - 17:00
  • Tuesday09:00 - 17:00
  • Wednesday09:00 - 17:00
  • Thursday09:00 - 17:00
  • Friday09:00 - 17:00

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