The National Gallery of Ireland: 7 Amazing Collections

7 Amazing Collections at the National Gallery of Ireland

The National Gallery of Ireland should be added to your itinerary, if you are wondering about what to do in Dublin during your visit. This is a great Dublin attraction that promises to be a memorable event that is fun-filled.

There are over 2500 paintings available in the collection at this gallery, more than 10,000 pieces of diverse types all within this great arts Centre. You will definitely have a lot to view, appreciating the awesome sight of some of the best pieces.

The National Gallery of Ireland is one of the Top 10 Free Things to do in Dublin.

It is also one of the Top 10 Venues for free events in Dublin.


History of the National Gallery of Ireland

This prominent art gallery was founded in 1854 through a parliamentary act. And, it began its first operation to the general public at the beginning of 1864 precisely in the month of January. The national gallery of Ireland is a continuum of all Irish and European arts of diverse themes. It has two entrances, one located on Clare Street and the other on Merrion Square all in the midst of Dublin.


7 Best Painting Collections

Out of the 2500 paintings available in the collections within this spectacular Dublin attraction, these 7 paintings stand out the most.

1. Girl with a Red Ribbon

This painting was created in 1908 by Gabriele Munter, a German artist that worked along with Wassily Kandinsky. It projects a young village girl putting on a white top with high collar, with a red ribbon hanging on her hair. This must be one of the natives in the Murnau village of south Bavaria where Wassily and Gabriele resided. There are many color shades on the face of the painting representing the effects of Henri Matisse and Vincent van Gogh on the work of Munter. Seeing this marvelous piece will be an excellent choice of things to do in Dublin.


2. The Meeting on the Turret Stairs – Hellelil and Hildebrand

The meeting on the turret stairs is a Frederic William Burton art piece created in 1864. This painting is a visual representation of the love story between Hellelil and her love affair with Hildebrand her personal guard. Whitley Stroke, a friend of Burton narrated this Danish love story that lead to this painting. It is the artist imaginary representation of a love scene on the stairs. You can view this interesting painting in Room 20, on Thursdays at 5.30pm to 6.30pm and on Sundays 2 to 3pm.


3. A Convent Garden, Brittany

This artwork was developed by William John Leech in 1913, displaying a picture of his first wife. In this painting Elizabeth, the first wife of the artist is drawn within a convent looking up from a prayer book. Other nuns are moving in progression in the background also. It is pictorial representation of Concarneau, nuns’ convent and hospital, were the artist recuperated from his illness in 1904. The attraction of Leech to the brightness and color vibrancy of the day with his affinity for religion was exposed in this piece. View this artistry as one of the best within this Dublin collection.

4. The Taking of Christ

This precious piece within the collection of this outstanding Dublin’s attraction was created by Michealangelo Merisi da Caravaggio in 1602. The painting is a stunning ancient piece designed for Marguis Ciraco Mattei a Roman. The artwork represents the Christian story from a new dimension unlike others from that same age. What an awesome display of the right balance between dark contrast and strong light to pictures how Jesus was betrayed with one embrace and a kiss. In 1987, this piece was found again on Leeson Street within Jesuit HouseThis is available with other best pieces like it at the national gallery, add this to your itinerary of what to do in Dublin.


5. Argenteuil Basin with a Single Sailboat

The Argenteuil Basin with a Single Sailboat painting was created by Claude Monet in 1874. It is presently dwelling within the great collection of the National Gallery of Ireland. This gallery is the house of all the best and ancient painting in both Ireland and the whole of Europe. This confirms it as one of the best Dublin attraction, which you should add to your planned schedule of things to do in Dublin. Claude Monet the artist behind this painting constructed a sailing boat with which he sailed through the Seas of Argenteuil Basin where he lived, painting most of what he saw. With his floating boat studio this particular artwork was created.


6. Dona Antonia Zarate

Here is another ancient masterpiece in the collection at the national gallery of Ireland painted by Francisco Jose de Goya y Lucientes in 1805. This features the painting of the very famous actress of those times – Dona Antonia. She was beautifully represented wearing a gorgeous black lace dress with other amazing accessories that fitted so well. This very popular piece has lasted for so long, enjoying a lot of viewership too.


7. Le Corsage Noir

Berthe Morisot is the painter of this unique piece created in 1878. This artist was very outstanding among her counterparts because she was the first female artist to display her works at the debut Impressionist exhibition of 1874. This portrait represented a model she painted that was putting on a evening dress. The model looked stunningly beautiful with the black dress and all accessories provided. Get to the gallery to see this with other ancient masterpieces available on display at this spectacular Dublin attraction.

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