National Library of Ireland: 3 Important Facts You Need to Know

3 Important Facts about National Library of Ireland

National Library of Ireland is one of the perfect attraction sights that will set the right tone for all the families at the beginning of the vacation. So, it is time to start the adventure by learning all about Ireland from the National Library. There will be many interesting things to do while at the library. Relaxed time studying at the Victorian reading room, or getting to see exhibitions and live events. Here you can also go through the family history section.

Here are 3 important Facts about National Library of Ireland


1. The History of the National Library of Ireland 

national library of ireland

national library of Ireland

It was amazing to discover that the National Library has existed since 1877. This is way older than lots of our great grandparents. It was founded by the Dublin Science and Art Museum Act. The sole purpose of this establishment was to serve the public with all the information about the country. From historical facts, to literal collections of famous Irish artists. To in depth discoveries in all the areas of science, social sciences and arts. The National Library of Ireland stands as the biggest and oldest resource centres in the whole of Ireland.


2. Exhibitions at the National Library of Ireland 

The exhibitions at the National Library are free of charge and can be easily accessed by all. There are timeless collections of most of the historical facts about the Nation Ireland. The collections  has been preserved over many decades. You and your  kids will be excited to see all the literal exhibitions as a way to learn more about the homeland. It promises to be a memorable adventurous journey through the memory lane of Dublin. It is really very significant to get to know all about the city through the ancient literary collections available.


Every exhibition is free of charge consisting of several amazing collections of facts. The latest one you could see is the collection of all the literal works of the very famous Irish literal artist William Butler Yeats. This particular show is “one of the most important literary exhibitions yet staged internationally” according to the Irish Times in reference to the literal show of the works of William Yeats. Here is a comprehensive list of all the fascinating exhibitions my family went to see and you could too as part of the things to do in Dublin. Then, when we were through with all the learning, there was a need to cool off at the café jolly just by the library for a delicious lunch with my family. You will have to do the same after each explorative visit to the national library. Treat yourself with a cup of coffee and sumptuous meal to allow the entire learning sink. That was exactly what my kids enjoyed the most, you how children can be when you’ve taken them through a rigorous process of learning. See all exhibitions schedule below so you can plan your time appropriately:


William Yeats Exhibition: this displays all the literary works of the renowned Irish poet William Butler Yeats. This exhibition is an award winning one showcased by the National Library for all visitors to see. It is free and can be accessed by individuals of all ages and class. Plan to see this within this timeframe – 9:30am to 7:45pm on Mondays to Wednesdays. Then 9:30am to 4:45pm on Thursdays to Saturday, and you can  view it from 1pm to 4:45pm on Sundays.


Dublin Lockout Exhibition: Strategically go through the history of Ireland with this exhibition of ancient and modern literal archives. They has been collated to unveil all about the Dublin 1913 lockout. See what happened to all those that went through this greatest conflict in Ireland. You will be  really touched by this particular exhibition when you see it. You can  access the exhibition at the same time as above.


1893 -1913 Working Lives Exhibition – this is a must see photographic exhibition, a great attraction for all those, interested in seeing the very origin of the nation. It will take you through the journey of the past to the present through photographs. The presents all the works of Mason and Poole ancient outstanding photographers. For someone like me that knew almost nothing about my country, this was a deep well of knowledge through photography at the national library. You will see the past of Dublin day by day, displayed before your eyes – you shouldn’t miss this! Timing remains same as above.

3. Family History Records at National Library of Ireland

You can easily access The Family history records at the National library. Among all the interesting things to do in Dublin, a visit to the national library to dig into your family history is important for those Irish natives that have come back for a holiday. This will be the best experience for you at the library; I will go through practically all the records to get all you can about your family tree. Surprisingly, it is very easy to access all the facts from different generations of your family line. Everyone can do it if you desire to know more about your family. Go along with your kids, so they can discover amazing things about their family line.

Here is a way to get started once you arrive at the National Library 

Begin your family history research with the Catholic Parish Registers by going through records like marriages, births, family bibles, photographs taken with notes on them. Do a family name search through all the data available at the Catholic Parish Registers at the National library to find all literary facts about your genealogy.
Go through the national collection of census and civil records at the National Library of Ireland as a way of finding facts about your genealogy. There are records contained in this ancient collection that dates back to 1821. It  represents the time of the first Irish census. You ca simply do search with your family name to view relevant data about your lineage, and all the information available in the database will be displayed.

If you have come into Dublin for a visit, there is absolutely no need to ponder about what to do in Dublin with a great knowledge resource known as the National Library of Ireland available for you to visit at no cost. Like lots of  families, you should also seize this opportunity to learn about the emerald Isle referred to as Ireland so that you can knowledgeably discuss about Ireland after your vacation. The most fun-filled way to go through the history of Dublin is through the exhibitions. They will take you through the past, reliving the experiences as if you were there.

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