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 Science Gallery Dublin

Science Gallery Dublin is a right destination for you if you like  science. Do you like arts? Or are you one of those people who like both? Whichever category you belong to, this is for you. The science Gallery in Dublin has produced a wonderful mixture of science and art, something eclectic that you do not want to miss at all.


The Science Gallery Dublin is a public science centre at Trinity College.

Science Gallery Dublin involves, inspires and transforms curious minds through science.

Guaranteed it isn’t an old historical site and there are a lot of great selections of historical sites for you to visit and things to see. The Kilmainham Goal, Trinity College, the old Library and the Book of Kells, the National Botanic Gardens, the National history museum are just a few of the places that you should put on your itinerary.

But also don’t skip paying a visit to the Science Gallery, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland.

The Science Gallery Dublin houses different free events and activities and is on the Top 10 Venues in Dublin for free events.

The Science Gallery Dublin in Trinity College

Although pretty much one of the newer places to visit, the Science Gallery Trinity College is a center of science that is located at the Trinity Naughton’s institute. The science Gallery is famous for its wide and varied collections of artistic works, and arts science works. The science Gallery does not have a year round exhibition but has its exhibitions fixed for about 3 or 4 times in a year.

Here are some of the interesting facts to know about the Science Gallery in Trinity College before you actually pay them a visit.



History of the Science Gallery Trinity College

The a science Gallery Trinity College was established just recently in 2008 and its major purpose was to bring people together via art and science. This goal is to be achieved by organizing lots of workshops and engagements to bring the attention of young people to technology. One of their biggest sponsors since they first began operations is Google.



Tourists and Popularity

The Science Gallery in Dublin has with the passage of time become one of the popularly visited places in Dublin. It has steadily seen an increase in visitors since 2011 when it recorded 242 thousand visitors.  In 2014, things got interesting when it registered about 400 thousand visitors. Since its inception in 2014 to 2018, the  science Gallery Trinity College has seen a total number of 1.8 million tourists.

It has also received acclaim in 2015 after it was used on a stamp as a way to celebrate technological advancement in Ireland today with young scientists and technology exhibition.


Exhibitions of the Science Gallery Dublin

The Science Gallery Trinity College usually hosts a lot of exhibitions per year all of them having different lengths. It’s very first exhibition show was titled Lightwave and it blew the mind away. They  have gone on to host more than 40 more exhibitions in which the most unforgettable of them had titles such as Seeing and humans need not apply and we’re about the future of the world. Their exhibitions are always interesting and different from the normal generic stuff that other galleries put up. You would enjoy attending one of them. One of their most astounding methods of exhibition includes them letting the public be a part of their researches.


Growth and Expansion of the Science Gallery Dublin

The Science Gallery Trinity College has come a very long way in so short a time. In just 10 years they have not only accomplished enough to put them in the spotlight, they have also gone international with their special work. Now, they have moved up so high in international circles that they can now and are now hiring TEDx events such as TEDx Dublin. Hosting TEDx is a big opportunity and that has fully entrenched them in the spotlight.

They have also been invited to be members of the very exclusive Global Science Gallery Network. The Global Science Gallery Network is an organization that is geared towards expanding the reach of technology by opening up similar galleries to the Science Gallery Dublin in Trinity College. Their current goal is to have about 8 of these galleries scattered all over the world in 2020. Already they have made moves to open up these galleries in London, Bangalore,India, New York and Venice.

In addition to this, the exhibitions of the Science Gallery Dublin have become international events, holding outside Dublin Ireland in places like Dan Diego and Taiwan.



The Science Gallery Trinity College is a place that you would enjoy visiting immensely. Unlike most science centers, it has no permanent exhibitions. Instead, it surprises us all by 3-4 temporary exhibitions each year.

Their exhibitions would be wonderful and filled with so many beautiful creations that you would want to come back to this Dublin attraction and even to book a return trip to Dublin. So that you could be  a part of that science energy.



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