Tayto Park: Top 10 Best things to do

10 Best Things To Do in Tayto Park

Tayto Park is one of the top destinations in Ireland. Going out with your family there would definitely be something to look for – you would surely have the best time.

tayto park

Tayto park

Going out with your family is always a fun thing to do, no matter how exhausting it becomes sometimes. Well, some destinations might just leave you at that, there are certain destinations that simply offer more.

Owing to that fact, Tayto Park offers from playgrounds to mazes that could simply keep you and your family engaged in the best way. Besides, what could a parent like you want for his or her children than activities that could increase their knowledge and their IQs?

Pertaining to this, there are many things to do in Tayto Park. You can play in one of the most amazing playgrounds in the park or find your way in a maze.

However, like every other park, Tayto Park also offer more things. Let us see how you can have a blast!

10 Best Things to do at Tayto Park


1. Enjoy in Pow Wow Playground

Do you want your children to build muscles and stay healthy? Do you want them to be like their favorite wrestlers? If yes, then let them climb the tough rope bridges in the Pow Wow Playground. The best thing about this playground is that it is free! How cool is that for a parent like you?

2. See dinosaurs in action

Of course, you know about the dinosaurs. They were huge enough to cause earthquake while walking in groups. Unfortunately, they are not alive today. But not to worry at all because they are in action at the Dinosaurs Alive. They can be seen moving their heads and tails. They are waiting for you to say hi! So, why not visit them today?

3. Find your way in Tiny Tater’s Patch

Tiny Tater’s Patch is a wonderful hill to visit. It has a wonderful maze just like the one in Alice in Wonderland. Tiny Tater’s Patch is full of surprises. What if you see the White Rabbit when you are finding your way? There is only one way to find that out and that is by visiting Tiny Tater’s Patch. We’re sure your children will possibly love it.

4. Paint your face

You look the same every day, don’t you? Don’t you think it’s time to look a little different? You can change your looks to that of a joker or have the whiskers of a cat! Whatever you want to be, you can be here in Tayto Park. Just be sure to visit Face Painting and Arts and Crafts to change your looks.

5. Meet the animals

There are so many amazing animals in the zoo. You can meet Jacob the sheep and other farm animals in Farmyard Friends. You can see beautiful birds flying here and there in Feathered Friends enclosure. Also, you can see how all those buffalos keep on eating forever in the Buffalo Ridge!

6. Have a tour of the Tayto Factory

Do you know how your favorite crisps and popcorn are made? Well, it could be your time to see popcorns popping around and potatoes sliced and diced. Also, you would know some of the most kept secrets of Mr. Tayto. What if you find something amazing during your visit? Tayto Factory would definitely let you in on some secrets.

7. Watch a magic show

You love magic shows, don’t you? Well, we do, too. Fortunately, Tayto Park hosts live magic shows. You can watch one today! All you’d have to do is visit Tayto Park with your parents.

8. Play in the sandpit

There’s a place just for you called the sand pit. You can pull out all of your imaginative weapons there and play in the sand like you never played before.

9. Have a glitter tattoo

Did you always want to have a tattoo? If yes, then it could be your chance to have one. Tayto Park gives you this opportunity. You can have glitter tattoo that would shine as you play around.

10. Bring a picnic

After you are done with all the rides and activities, help your parents prepare and set up the picnic. Eating where your favorite rides are located seems to be extraordinary, no?


These are the 10 Best things to do in Tayto Park. As much as these activities are fun, they are equally educating for children. More than anything, that is definitely what a parent would want without any doubt.


Tayto Park Prices

Ticket Prices​ for 2018 as below

Peak – July & August

Off Peak –  March 24th – June 30th & September – October Mid Term


Ticket TypeOff PeakPeak
Entry Only€15€17.50
Entry & Unlimited Attractions€30€35.
Online Entry€15€17.50
Online Entry & Unlimited Attractions€28€33
Senior Citizen€12€12
Special Needs€12€12

Get discounted Tayto Park rates

To avail of the discounted rate online, buy 48 hours prior your visit (If you are visiting on a Saturday tickets must be purchased before midnight on Thursday)

*Tayto Park Entry & Unlimited Attractions: This ticket includes your day entry to Tayto Park and unlimited use of all rides within the park, subject to opening hours. Please note that all rides are subject to minimum and maximum height restrictions. The wristband is non-transferable and only valid on the day of purchase. Some attractions are seasonal.


Tayto Park Opening Times

Opening times all year round as below:

MonthOpening Times
May & June 2018Open Tues 1st May – Sat 30th June 10am – 6pm
July & August 2018Open Sun 1st July – Fri 31st August 9:30am – 7pm
September 2018Open Saturdays & Sundays 10am – 6pm
October 2018Open Saturdays & Sundays 10am – 5pm
Mid Term:
Open Mon 29th – Fri 2nd Nov 10am – 5pm
November 2018Open Fri 2nd – Sun 4th 10am – 5pm
Open Saturdays & Sundays 10am – 4pm
December 2018Open Fridays 12pm – 5pm
OpenSaturdays & Sundays 10am – 5pm
OpenMon 17th – Sun 23rd 12pm – 5pm



Tayto Park is expanding each year

Tayto Park is a modern Theme Park with lots of things to do, with an excellent programme and activities for kids and all the family.

Tayto Park keeps surprising it’s visitors. Each year it reopens for the season with a new addition.

Cu Chulann roller-coaster, one of the biggest in all Europe was launched in 2015. It quickly became became the talking point of the whole season.

Viking Voyage was launched in 2017. A water thrill ride akin to Splash Mountain.

The new Nissan Driving School was introduced this year, 2018. It lets kids experience the feeling  behind the wheel, manovering roundabouts and traffic lights – with the reward of their very own personalized license at the end.

Planning a family fun day out? Tayto Park is one of the ideal options for unforgettable day out for the whole family.

So, what are you waiting for? Simply grab your car keys and hop on the car to see one of the most amazing places in the country. But don’t forget to take your picnic itineraries as you’d have plenty of time setting the items up and enjoy eating with your kids in the ambiance of a bustling park.


How to Get to Tayto Park

Address: Tayto Park is located Ashbourne Co. Meath, 30 kilometers away from famous Dublin O’Connell Street.

By car: Click here for directions

By Bus

Bus Éireann  journey takes approximatly 45 minutes from Dublin City Centre.

New Routes for 2017 are now available from Blanchardstown, Duleek, Drogheda, Ratoath, Ashbourne & Kentstown.

Services are daily when park is open.

Please see Timetable  for 103 here & 105 here:


For more information call 01-8351999 or visit Bus Eireann website http://www.buseireann.ie/.

The Route 103 operates from Beresford place beside Liberty Hall

These services are operated by Bus Éireann and are subject to their conditions of carriage.


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