10 Best Things to do in Limerick

10 Things To Do in Limerick

There are tons of different fun things to do in Limerick. You wouldn’t have enough of these things when you visit this city.Limerick is so famous that there are 10 places with the same name in the United States of America. It is one of the  biggest cities in Ireland (fourth largest).

Limerick boasts some of the most family-friendly activities out there. You wouldn’t have enough of these things when you visit this city with your family. After all, for those who are seeking some fun and as well as education can definitely visit this city without thinking twice.

To give you a head start, though, we have created a list of things to do in Limerick and here it is.

We have created a list of things to do in Limerick and here it is

1. Hunt Museum

Have you listened to the song: “Horse Outside”? No? Well, listen to it today because, in Hunt Museum, you will see two horses. These horses were painted by talented kids like yours. Besides the horses, you’d see plenty of collections of the Hunt Family. John Hunt—the owner—of the house-turned-museum was a great collector and this visit can encourage your children to be like him, to value small things and respect their presence.

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2. Limerick City Gallery

For any parent, educating his or her children in any way possible is a dream, indeed. Well, you can have your dream fulfilled here in the Limerick City Gallery. All the beautiful artifacts and galleries full of Michael O’Connor’s work, the museum can give you and your kids to delve into the art itself. The collections are so realistic that it seems as if they blink at the people viewing them.

One of the best things to do in Limerick for art lovers.

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3. Adare Heritage Center

As the name indicates, this is yet another type of museum where you can be taken on cool castle tours to see what it is like to be in one. It also houses huge sculptures and you’d be lucky enough to view them. Since the site for this museum is the center of the village, you can also have beautiful views at your disposal. Besides sightseeing, you can also have delectable foods that are presented at the Adare Heritage Center.

Are you into castles? If so, then this is one of the best option of things to do in Limerick.

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4. Treaty Stone

In the ancient times, treaties were made and the place where they were made marked as the sole witness of the advancement taking place around it. The Treaty Stone, too, is a place where a treaty was made between two kings on 3rd Oct 1691. Visit Limerick to see the stone today.


5. Limerick Museum

This museum has more than 60,000 objects! All of these objects are historical in nature. They can help you and your family learn a lot about the history of Limerick and its social fabric. In just a single visit, you can have all of the abundant histories at your disposal. When you visit the museum, don’t forget to take your camera with you.


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6. Old Irish Ways

This one is also a museum, but rather a unique and peculiar one. We are sure that after viewing the collection of artifacts from the past, your kids would be excited to continue more. Besides viewing all the sculptures, you and your family would grasp plenty of information about the ancient times of the city and the country, about how the Irish people made it through their daily routine.

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7. Curraghchase Forest Park

It is a forest and yet it is a park. But between these categories, it is also a monument with sculptures greeting everyone. Going to this place with your family is indeed something to look for. This park has lots of beautiful trails to follow and a vast open land to let your children play with their siblings while you prepare food!

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8. Foynes Flying Boat Museum

Flying boats were a kind of plane that floated on the water and also, flew in the air. You might have seen boats like these in the movies; however, this time, you can see them in real time. For that, you would have to visit the Foynes Flying Boat Museum. Learn about the era when Foynes hosted many passengers from around the world.

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9. The Masonic Center

There’s a museum in The Masonic Center, a library, and a lot of meeting rooms. You can learn about the history of Freemasons here and also have a great time seeing how meeting rooms can be.

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10. People’s Park

In the heart of the Limerick, the People’s Park is situated. It has fountains, thick grass, and a vast area to run around so that you can take stay assured that your children are safe. Because of all of its amenities, you would surely have a good day out here with your family!

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These attractions are our recommended things to do in Limerick.

Limerick is full of surprises and you would love strolling over the places mentioned above. If you think these are the only things to do in the county, you are wrong. It offers more than you can imagine and there’s only one way to find them: Visit Limerick now!