10 Best Things To Do in Waterford

10 Things To Do in Waterford

There are plenty of things to do in Waterford. Waterford is on of the 10 biggest cities in Ireland and has more than one name. It is called Port Lairge, Cuan-na-Grian, and Vadre Fjord. The city holds its importance because it was here that the first St. Patrick’s Day was celebrated. This is not the only thing that makes this city worthwhile. There are many things to do in Waterford that will just spice up your day. Start with packing your stuff and hopping in your dad’s car. Let’s roll out!

1. Bishop’s Palace

The Bishop’s Palace is around 250 years old. Won’t it be fun to see a structure that old? It contains all the luxurious objects from the 17th century. We’re sure you’d have a blast imagining yourself in the palace. Its vast rooms will make you curious just like the rest of the tourists.

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2. Dungarvan Castle

Be a soldier and command all those imaginary ships waiting for you in the River Colligan near Dungarvan Castle. The castle is a huge structure. Soldiers used to anchor ships near it. When you get inside, you would feel as if you are in a whole new world! Share that world with your family this summer. Visit Dungarvan Castle.

Mark this attraction, its on of the fun things to do in Waterford. Family approved.

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3. Waterford and Suir Valley Railway

Did you make any wish on your birthday? That day can only come once in a year, we know. But you can have other chances. One of them is embarking on Waterford and Suir Valley Railway. When you cross the magic woods during the journey, be sure to make a loud wish (not very loud, though).

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4. Reginald’s Tower

Vikings lived in Waterford before. They were brave and extraordinary. The Reginald’s Tower is named after one of the Vikings. This tower has the relics of the Viking Waterford. See how Vikings used to live there!

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5. GoMA: Gallery of Modern Art

What makes art a “modern art”? If you have no idea why visit GoMA to know the answer. The art pieces there are phenomenal. They speak volumes of the dedication of the artists who created them. Visit GoMA to get some inspiration. Who knows you might come out to be an artist?

Are you into arts? If so, then this is one of the top things to do in Waterford.

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6. Waterford Museum of Treasures

Waterford Museum of Treasures is a museum consisting 3 museums related to the ancient Viking history of Waterford. We already discussed two of them: The Reginald’s Tower and the Bishop’s Museum. The third one is the Medieval Museum.

One of the best things to do in Waterford for people into history.

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7. Ardmore Cliff Walk

Right above the town of Ardmore, you will see a trail heading to the Ardmore Cliff Walk. Follow that trail and walk slowly because you’ll be mesmerized by the view of the Atlantic Ocean, the noisy seabirds, and the rough cliffs.

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8. Coumshinguan Loop Walk

Have you seen Roman amphitheaters? Even if you haven’t seen one, visit Coumshinguan Loop Walk to see a natural amphitheater made by the surrounding Coumragh hills of the County Waterford. You would only be able to view it by taking a 4-hour Loop Walk. Don’t worry, you can do that with your family, what do you think?

Please be aware Coushinguan Loop Walk could be too hard for smaller kids.


9. Copper Coast

Copper coast has breathtaking views and it provides a chance for little ones like you to know about the history of our Earth. There is evidence of the ice age and other geological processes that have occurred on the face of this planet.

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10. Mount Congreve Gardens

A 70-acre lush green land suitable for families looking for a place to sit together and eat. The surrounding of the gardens contains more than 3,000 different species.

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There are wealth of things to do in Waterford. Nature lover will fall for Waterford from the first sight, as it offers breath-taking walks and trails.Waterford is a mix of natural and historical wonders. It has the potential to become your favorite destination.