Trinity College: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

Trinity College

If you wonder what to do in Dublin, visit Trinity College. Here is an answer for you. The College in Dublin Ireland. It is more than your average college, it’s a college with a difference that you would surely enjoy exploring.

Here are some interesting facts about the Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland that you should know about before visiting.

Trinity College is one of the Top 10 Free things to do in Dublin.


TOP 10 Trinity College Facts

1. Trinity College is the top ranked university in Ireland

Trinity College is ranked number one in Ireland, 58th in Europe and occupies the 117th position in the world according to the Times Higher Education World University ranking. According to the QS world university rankings in 2017/2018, Trinity College ranks as number 88th in the world, number 29th in Europe and number one in Ireland.

  • There is in excess of 220,000 m2 of buildings, including beautiful historic architecture and state-of-the-art modern facilities.
  • Students can avail of over 100 College societies and 50 active Sports Clubs


Trinity College Highlights:


  • Front Arch
    trinity college grounds

    Trinity college Dublin

  • Campanile
  • Book of Kells
  • Old Library
  • Library Square
  • Chapel
  • Dining Hall
  • Museum Building
  • Berkeley Library
  • Douglas Hyde Gallery

2. Trinity College rankings in the world

  • 88th in top 100 world universities
  • 31st in the world in Nursing
  • 32nd in the world for English Language and Literature
  • 39th in the world for Modern Languages
  • 43rd in the world for Politics and International Studies


3. The Library stores a copy of each book printed in UK and Ireland

 College Library is a legal deposit library, which means that the college is entitled to one copy of each book that is published in the UK and in Ireland. The Library now holds over 5 million books, which aren’t  stored on the college grounds. Most of the library stores are located in Santry, in a place fondly known to students as “stacks.”

4. The Trinity College History

The Trinity College is Ireland’s oldest college and university. It is located in Dublin at the College Green, directly opposite the Irish house of Parliament. The Trinity College is as much of an elite school and is a sister school to other elite schools such as the University of Oxford and the universe of Cambridge. It was founded by Queen Elizabeth 1 of England as a means to fully cement the rulership of the Tudors. It was established in the 15th century, precisely in the year 1592.

The college covers a considerable amount of land numbering up to 47 acres. Its buildings center around several quadrangles and two fields.

The school is  made up of 3 faculties:

  1. the faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Science
  2. the faculty of Engineering, mathematics and sciences
  3. the faculty of Health Sciences.

In each faculty consists of schools numbering about 25 schools.


5. Trinity College was first located outside Dublin

When the  College was established in 1598, it was first situated on the outskirts of Dublin at an old forsaken monastery called the  Priory of all Hallows before it was given a place in Dublin.


6. Trinity College was a protestant college at first

Trinity College used to be a protestant college because of its establishment by Queen Elizabeth of England. Thus it was seen as a protestant college and for a long while, catholics were not allowed admission.  Finally in the seventeenth century the rule was relaxed and they were offered admission but with a couple of restrictions. One of these restrictions stopped them from being given prestigious positions such as that of being a professor. Also, the scholarship opportunities were not open to them. In retaliation, catholics discouraged it’s members from applying to and going to study at the Trinity College. Thankfully, those  restrictions don’t hold anymore after they were removed by the Parliament in the 18th century and everyone can now apply and study there irrespective of your religion.


7. Women were recently allowed to attend the Trinity College

The trinity College was not giving admission to women until very early in the  19th century and it was only allowed because of a visit to the college by the Queen of England, Elizabeth. After that visit, women were allowed to fully become students.


8. Home to the famous Book of Kells

One of the most famous manuscripts to exist to the world, the book of Kells has its home in the Trinity College. The book of Kells was donated to trinity college’s oldest library, the old Library by the governor in 1661 after it was given to the governor for safekeeping. The old Library of trinity College is a place that almost every tourist makes sure to stop at to see for themselves these illustrations that have people awestruck.


9. Trinity College is the home to a lot of successful people

One of the members of One Direction, Niall Horan is an esteemed alumni of this great institution. But he isn’t the only recognizable name that came from this prestigious university. Others include the Nobel Laureate winner in literature , Sam Beckett, author of She stoops to conquer, Oliver Goldsmith, Nobel Laureate winner in medicine, William Campbell, Jonathan Swift, author of Guillevers Travels, and Oscar Wilde.


10. Trinity College and its sister universities

Trinity College is on par in terms of being prestigious with schools like

  • the University of Oxford
  • the University of Cambridge
  • the Oriel college, Oxford.

These colleges recognize themselves as prestigious and elitist schools and they take this regard to such a high level that any graduate from any of these universities is not only recognized but can be awarded an equal degree in any of the other universities.



Ireland is a beautiful country and its wonderfully rich heritage brings a lot of people far and wide to see it. The Trinity College is definitely a wonderful place to see. You should make out time to see it with your friends and family. Make it a full day programmer with your children by packing a picnic for lunch on one of the beautiful lawns around.


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