10 Best Walks in Dublin

 10 Best Walks in Dublin

Walks in Dublin are unique and scenic, with a view that will blow your mind. Great day almost always starts with a walk. In this regard, Dubliners are blessed with some of the best, most calming and exhilarating walks in the world. 

dublin walks enjoying people

dublin walks enjoying people


These walks are made so majestic because of the weather, the many sites that you come across on these walks, and of course, the natural beauty of Ireland from lush green grasslands to Dublin parks and moors.

If you are in Dublin, there are some walks you simply cannot miss. They offer you an insight into the life of a historic city and they give you a tour of the mesmerizing landscapes and sites surrounding Dublin City.

A good walk can lift your mood, and it can clarify your thoughts. Morning walks allow your body to wake up and is a great way to start a day.


Here are the 10 Best walks in Dublin

They will be memorable experiences for you, and you will cherish these memories for the rest of your life.


1. Bray to Greystones Cliff walk

This is a coastal path that takes you from Bray to Greystone. You get to see some breathtaking and tantalizing sites, both of the sea side and the adjoining Irish fields. It is perfect for an afternoon, and it only takes around two to three hours. It would be a great loss to miss this walk on a visit to Dublin.


2. Sandymount Green

The Sandymount Green is the epicenter of a beautiful suburban village, which, despite being in easy access of Dublin, seems like a remote, quite and peaceful place. Dubliners frequent this place simply to relax and to destress. Take this walk and time will simply seem to stop for you. Take a stop at some of the iconic shops and pantries in the walk and you will complete the custom!


3. Dublin Mountains Way

This is not only one of the top 10 Walks in Dublin, but it is also one of the most iconic walks in the world. It is perfectly suited to an autumn morning. The walk takes you from Shankill through the mountains to Tallaght. It is strenuous, but the challenge only makes the experience more exhilarating and the finish more rewarding.


4. Dun Laoghaire Pier

This walk takes you through Dun Laoghaire. It is less than 14 kilometers from the Dublin City. The pier takes you into the sea. It is the perfect walk for a nice morning. All the tourists that visit Dun Laoghaire find this walk relaxing and the sight of numerous sail boats as a unique change to the sites that are usually associated with Dublin.

5. Howth Cliff

This is a six-kilometer-long loop walk that takes you around the Howth head. The path is accessible by Dublin’s train network, and it takes 2 hours to complete. There are green arrows installed in places to mark the walk and to direct the tourists. It is perhaps one of the calmest and most breathtaking places in the Dublin area, and it would be absolute folly to miss this walk. James Joyce fans will recognize this walk immediately because the novel Ulysses immortalized it.

6. Howth to Sutton Cliff Walk

This walk also starts from the Howth train station, but it quickly diverges from the coastal walk. The trails are rocky but well-marked. This walk is a better alternative for tourists who like a bit of challenge to start their day with. The walk takes you through some breathtaking areas. It is as if time simply stops when you are on this walk. Take this walk on a clear day and you will have an experience of a lifetime!


7. Ticknock Hill Walk

Ticknock Hill offers some enchanting views as well as some heritage sites and man-made wonders. The walk is awe-inspiring and truly memorable. At just under six kilometers, this walk offers you a bit of challenge, but you are in always in safety. With a mix of tarmac tracks and rocky paths, there are challenges of every kind on this walk.

8. Carrickgollogan Forest Walk

This walk simply has views to die for. Taking this route, you would think that it must be a remote place, but surprisingly, this walk is only minutes off the M50. It has various astounding picnic spots along the way. The walk itself is a short 2.5 kilometers and it is one of the more doable walks on this list. This Carrickgollogan outing will simply make amazing memories for you.

9. Dodder Walk

The Dodder Walk is one of the more well-known routes taken by habitual walkers. The route is surrounded by houses, and there is a waterfall which defies belief. The walk will take you from the Bushy Park to the Dropping Well which is just 3.5 kilometers away. It is a short walk, which is best taken on a leisurely pace. This walk offers you the same exhilaration as many other walks on this list, but for half the effort.

10. The Grand Canal Walk

The Grand Canal is one of the most recognizable landmarks of Dublin City, and it is particularly beautiful on clear mornings. A mere 40 minutes will not only wake your body up, but it will also keep you energized for the rest of the day. The walk is best taken at dawn, when the views are simply dream-like or at night when the lights of the surrounding buildings and houses give this walk a picturesque quality. It is simply put, one of the top 10 walks in Dublin and you should not miss it.