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Can learning a new language be fun? Oh, absolutely! Language classes in Dublin are specially designed to teach your child a new language through games and entertaining activities. They are perfectly tailored to enhance their oral skills. They meet your child’s language learning needs, based on the age, level and goals.Language Classes in Dublin are taught by experienced professionals who are dedicated to making sure the kids grow increasingly skilled and have fun in the process.

When a child should start learning a new language?

Kids should start to learn languages from early age. The younger, the better. At early age they are good at mimicking new sounds and adopting pronunciation.The brain is open to new sounds and patterns at early stage. They start learning a new language through play-like activities.Dublin offers language classes for kids under a year. The benefits are countless: better communication, easier travel, international friends, possibilities and cultural awareness. It also improves memory and math skills, critical and logic thinking and so much more.

La Jolie Ronde

La Jolie Ronde Languages for Children French & Spanish classes for 0-12 years old

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