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Music classes in Dublin. Does your child have the potential, the determination, the skill to become one of the greatest musicians who ever lived? No? Well, that’s ok. Music is not about becoming one of the greatest. It’s about finding a sense of fulfillment and happiness through one of the greatest forms of self-expression that is available to us.Academic achievement isn’t the only benefit of music education. Music has universal interest. Nearly everyone enjoys music.Music education has countless benefits. It improves memory, increases coordination, masters auditory skills,  strengthens creativity, language, motor, overall literacy and improves self confidence.Music is a perfect way for kids  of all ages express themselves. Even at an early age  kids sway, move their hands and legs in response to music they hear.Music turns on kids imagination so they make up songs and sing as they play. Kids also learn to sing and play as a group, and this improves team work. Older kids dance to their favorite song  and use music to form friendships and share their feelings.Enroll your child in music class activities and let them to experience the pleasure and learning that music brings.Here is list of places throughout Dublin that will help to guide your child on their fantastic journey through the world of music.

Ballet and Singing with Miss Eileene

Technique in the European Styles of Ballet and other dance forms

cat-icon Phibsboro Gym, Phibsborough Road, Dublin 7

Mini Music Academy

Mini Music Academy is a structured, energetic and fun early music education programme for children aged 6 mths to 7 years

cat-icon 4-5 The Mall, Ongar Village, Dublin 15, EH61

Leeson Park School of Music

Colourstrings training starts in the Music Kindergarten taking the young child on a wonderful adventure through “Musicland”